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About CWELogistics

What is CWELogistics?

CWELogistics is a leading China-based Shipping Agent/Freight Forwarder. CWELogistics specializes in offering shipping and logistical solutions specifically catered to the size of your shipment, the nature of the goods you are shipping and the country that you are looking to ship to. With access a global network of shipping channels and logistical partners, we offer businesses around the globe tailor-made shipping and logistical solutions to help to minimize shipping costs and maximize logistical efficiency. CWELogistics has access to a wide range of DDP shipping channels to major countries and can ship either to major port near you or all the way to your address in your destination country (door-to-door shipping). Ship by air, sea, train and even truck to a wide range of countries and even have the shipments delivered all the way to your doorstep in the destination country. 

When purchasing from factories and suppliers in China, have your goods sent to our warehouse in China and from there we will consolidate and ship together internationally for you. Alternatively, CWELogistics can also arrange to have your goods collected from your supplier in China depending on where they are located. At CWELogistics, we understand that your orders from various suppliers may be ready at different times - you can therefore have your goods stored at the CWELogistics warehouse in China at no charge until all your goods have arrived and you're ready to ship internationally. Once all your goods have arrived at the CWELogistics warehouse, we will pack and consolidate them for you in the most efficient manner so as to minimize shipping costs. CWELogistics serves a wide range of businesses and individuals from all over the globle. Contact us at business@cwelogistics to find out more details. 

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