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International Air Courier Shipping with CWELogistics

Warehouse in China - CNEbuys
From Our China Warehouse to Your Doorstep


Send goods you've purchased from sellers and suppliers to our China-based warehouse, and we'll ship them internationally to your doorstep. If you're buying from multiple sellers, we'll consolidate all your packages at our warehouse before shipping internationally. This helps to minimize your chargeable shipping weight and thereby reduces your international shipping costs. Or if you need us to provide a dropshipping service, where you send packages to our warehouse and only have us ship out each one to different locations upon instruction, simply email us at to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Air Courier Shipping with CNEbuys via DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT from China to around the world
We partner with major international courier companies to offer you the best rates

We partner with DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS and other international courier companies to get your packages delivered to you at huge discounts off retail international shipping rates (the rates you would get if you went directly to these companies to ship)

Door to Door Shipping from China via CNEbuys
Delivery directly to your doorstep

The courier delivery agent will deliver directly to your doorstep. If no one is home to receive your package(s), the delivery agent will contact you via mobile to schedule a free re-delivery, and wlll keep re-delivering for free until someone is finally home to receive them. It's a premium delivery service, but at economy prices. 

International Air Couier Express Shipping via CNEbuys
Receive your Shipments in as quickly 3-4 business days

International shipping via the major air courier companies like DHL, FedEx & UPS typically takes just 3-4 business days. 

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The heavier your shipment, the lower your cost per kg

The heavier the shipment, the lower the cost per kg. Hence it would make sense for you to purchase multiple items and have them sent to our warehouse for us to ship together to you. The more you ship, the lower your cost per item shipped. 

Physical vs. Volumetric/Dimensional Weight

Note also that the chargeable shipping weight is the higher of the physical and volumetric/dimensional weight. Hence shipping costs depend not only the weight of your shipment, but its size as well. Contact us at for more specific enquiries. 

Fuel Surcharge Included

Our international shipping costs are inclusive of all hidden fees such as fuel surcharge charged to us by DHL, FedEx and other courier companies. Chinaebuys absorbs this fuel surcharge. They are also inclusive of any related export handling and documentation fees.


Sensitive Products

Note that 'sensitive products' including but not limited to products such as liquids, food, batteries, motors and wooden objects may have to be shipped via require a special air courier shipping route for sensitive items.

Ocean/Rail Shipments

For large shipments, it may be possible to ship via ocean or rail instead (note that rail freight is only available for shipments to Europe).

Contact us at for more details.

E-Packet Shipping

E-packet shipping may be available for high volume shipments of small items to many different addresses. Contact us at for more details.

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