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Buy from TAOBAO and ship internationally to your doorstep around the world
All your Taobao purchases will be sent Warehouse Address in China and from there, we'll ship internationally to you!

2 ways to use CWElogistics to buy from Taobao




  1. Submit a Buy-For-Me Order to us with the URL of the product(s) you wish to buy from Taobao. If you have many different orders, you can simply submit them to us in bulk via email by writing to 

  2. We'll send a payment invoice to you via email.

  3. We'll buy and have the Taobao seller send it to our China-based warehouse. 

  4. Once your Taobao purchases have arrived, we'll consolidate them and ship internationally to you or your customers around the world.

  1. As Taobao now accepts international payment methods, you can purchase directly & get us to handle the international shipping for you.

  2. Contact us at to get the address of our warehouse in China.

  3. Use this address when checking out on Taobao

  4. Send us the domestic shipment number (运单号) for each shipment being sent to our China warehouse

  5. Once your Taobao purchases have arrived, we'll contact you via email to handle the international shipping. 

  6. We'll ship internationally to you or your customers around the world.

How to Shop Taobao like a Local?

Enjoy the full product selection on Taobao and the lowest prices, just like a local Chinese Taobao shopper!

Taobao Online Shopping, Ship Worldwide - CNEbuys

Here's a little guide on how to shop Taobao like a local. 

Spot the Difference

How do you tell if Taobao is classifying me as a local (China-based) or a foreigner (non-China-based)?

Taobao classifies you as a local or foreigner based on your IP-Address and its geographical location. This is detected automatically by Taobao's internal systems when you visit the website. If your IP address is non-China based, Taobao will automatically show you the website instead of the pure website itself. 

If you're visiting Taobao from outside of China, Taobao will automatically display the site instead of Below, you may also see a the flag of the country you're surfing Taobao from, or if it's not one of the listed countries, then a generic 'world' flag will be displayed.

World Taobao Site - Buy & Ship Worldwide - CNEbuys

If on the other hand you're visiting Taobao within China, Taobao will display the website to you instead. You will have access to exactly the same Taobao page as locals in China do. 

Taobao Online Shopping - Buy and Ship Worldwide via CNEbuys

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter whether I'm viewing or

Wider Variety, Selection & Lower Prices!

As any experienced Taobao shopper will tell you, there is a far wider selection of items on the generic Taobao site itself than the World Taobao site. Here's the reason. The vast majority of Taobao sellers are not on the World Taobao site and only on the generic Taobao site. Here are a couple of reasons why. 

(1) They don't want the hassle of dealing with international customers, international payments and exchange rates costs. The 1.4 billion local population in China is more than large enough a market to these Taobao stores. 

(2) The vast majority of Taobao sellers don't offer international shipping. They also don't wish to deal with the logistics of international shipping. Again, their local market is more than large enough to them. 

As a result, limiting yourself to just the Taobao World site would be to severely limit your options when buying and sourcing from Taobao. The World Taobao site is far inferior to the generic Taobao site for these reasons:

(1) Most Taobao stores aren't on it so you don't get access to them

(2) Even among the small minority of Taobao stores featured on the World Taobao site, many of them don't offer international shipping 

(3) Even among the small minority who do offer international shipping, the process is a real hassle because the default shipping costs are often very high, and you'll have to negotiate the shipping costs with the seller. Even if they do agree to lower the shipping cost, the process of them editing the shipping cost is also a real hassle for non-local to have to go through since you will still need to checkout and submit your order before they can edit the shipping cost.

(4) The Taobao stores on World Taobao sometimes price their products slightly higher than those only on the generic Taobao site because they know that foreigners are more likely to accept a higher price. Many of the bargains found with Taobao stores only on the generic Taobao site will not be available to you.

Here's an example regarding selection. A simple search for the generic word '鞋子' which means 'shoes' in mandarin returns just 100+ results on the World Taobao site, whereas on the generic Taobao site, you see 500+ results.

Example of Search Results on World Taobao

Just 100+ results returned on the World Taobao site

Example of Search Results on the Generic Taobao Site

500+ results returned on the generic Taobao site, and this is only because the search term 'shoes' is overly generic. In actuality there are likely tens of millions of different shoe products on the generic Taobao site itself, but you will need more specific searches to find them

How do I get full access to Taobao?

Here's how you can get full access to the generic Taobao site instead of just World Taobao. 

Taobao Agent - CNEbuys

Just go to the country selector on the top left of the page where you see the country flag, click on the dropdown then select the second country from the top with the Chinese national flag, '中国大陆' which translates to Mainland China.

You now have full access to the generic Taobao site via CNEbuys

That's all you have to do. You're now on the generic Taobao site and can enjoy the full range of products and bargains than local Taobao shoppers in China all enjoy

That's it, you're all set. Enjoy Taobao in its full and original entirety, don't be limited just becaue you're outside China. After all, for whatever items you'd like to buy, just submit your order to us and we'll buy and ship it internationally to you. Break all barriers to buying and shipping internationally from China by using CNEbuys. 

More about Taobao

Buying from Taobao & Ship Worldwide via CNEbuys

Taobao (淘宝, is easily the biggest name in ecommerce not just in China but also the whole of Asia, operating the largest ecommerce platform in the continent. According to conservative estimates, Taobao reportedly hosts more than 6.2 million online stores, known in Chinese as "淘宝店" (Taobao stores). Over the years Taobao has facilitated business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer retail in China by serving as a platform for businesses big and small along with individual entrepreneurs to open online retail stores. Some people describe Taobao as a C2C platform (Consumer to Consumer) with Tmall being the B2C (Business to Consumer) platform although this is not entirely true. Many Taobao store owners are also legitimate owners of physical stores and formal business who just don't wish to go through the trouble of registering their store as a formal business (with a larger deposit requirement) like they would have to on Tmall. Because Taobao store owners are not technically required to provide 'Fapiaos' (formal receipts issued to the buyer in China for tax deduction purposes) for transactions, prices tend to be lower on Taobao than places like Tmall and competitor 

Taobao is essentially synonymous with ecommerce and online shopping in China. Virtually every young person in urban China has had experience buying online or selling online on Taobao. Virtually every retailer in China has a Taobao store in one form or another. According to Taobao, about 53,000 items are sold on its website every minute. For the year ended March 31, 2013, the combined gross merchandise volume (GMV) of Taobao's  and exceeded 1 trillion yuan. This stat on Taobao is likely much higher today. With close to a billion product listings, Taobao ( is one of the world’s top 10 most visited websites according to Alexa. At current rates of growth and with the continuing growth in China's middle class, it is likely only a matter of time before Taobao overtakes Amazon in terms of traffic volume and sales revenue. 

International buyers all around the world are increasingly catching onto the trend, with many beginning to realize the multitude of value-for-money buys that a platform like Taobao offers. Many buy as consumers while others buy as re-sellers or businesses. Either way everyone realizes what a great deal it is to buy from Taobao.

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