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Consolidating Packages


Consolidate Packages at our China Warehouse before Shipping Internationally to Minimize Shipping Costs

Consolidate your Packages from Multiple sellers at our China Warehouse

Consolidate your Packages from Multiple sellers at our China Warehouse

What is Package Consolidation?

Consolidation refers to shipping two or more packages as a single international shipment in order to minimize your international shipping costs.


For example, if you're using our 'Buy and Ship for You' service and you're ordering from Taobao,, Dangdang and Meilishuo etc., you would save a lot on international shipping by letting us combine all your packages into a single shipment from our China-based warehouse before shipping internationally to you. 

Similarly, if you're using our 'Just Ship for You' service and buying from multiple sellers, suppliers or manufacturers, you would again minimize your international shipping costs by having all your purchases consolidated at our China-based warehouse before shipping overseas.

More about Consolidating Packages

What does it actually mean to Consolidate Packages?

Consolidation refers to the act of combining packages into a single shipment. To be more specific, there are technically two kinds of consolidation. One is consolidation with repacking, the other is consolidating without repacking. 

What is Consolidation with Repacking?

This refers to any consolidation that involves the repacking of packages, whether by unpacking all the items and putting them all into a single large box or by unpacking one or more of the items and putting them in another package with items also sent by one of the sellers but which is larger and with excess space. We will choose whichever way is more feasible depending on the packaging of that particular shipment. Either way this helps to reduce not just the packaging weight (i.e., the weight of the packaging itself, which is also counted into the shipping weight), but, more importantly also the overall volumetric weight of the international shipment. 

What is Consolidation without Repacking?

This refers to having two or more packages shipped concurrently without needing to repack any of them. They are simply shipped as separate packages but are classified as a single shipment and undergo the exact same shipping route, and basically 'travel together' from our China-based warehouse all the way to your doorstep anywhere around the world. They are classified as a single shipment and are assigned the same international shipment number. Although consolidation is often understood in the first form only (Consolidation with Repacking), shipping two or more packages concurrently without any repacking is technically classified as consolidation too. 

How does consolidation help minimize your international shipping costs?


Consolidation minimizes your international shipping costs in two ways. Firstly, it does so by reducing the volumetric weight of your shipment by packing more items into a smaller space (applicable to consolidation by repacking) and secondly, by ensuring you only have to pay the base charge once per international shipment instead of paying a separate base charge for each individul package by having them all shipped separately. Read on to find out more about the base charge per shipment.

What does the base charge per shipment refer to?

As per standard practice in the shipping industry, each shipment comes with a base charge. By shipping multiple packages concurrently via consolidation, you only have to pay the base charge once per shipment, rather than having them all shipped as separate shipments and paying a base charge for each and every package you ship internationally. This is another reason why it makes sense to consolidate packages at the CWELogistics warehouse before shipping internationally as this helps to minimize your international shipping cost. 

Can I temporarily store packages at your warehouse in China while I make more orders from other suppliers to also be sent to your warehouse to all be consolidated together as a single international shipment?

Yes. At CWELogistics, we understand that not all purchases, especially from separate suppliers, will necessarily arrive at the same time and some orders make take more time to manufacture and be sent out. You can keep having your goods sent to our warehouse and we'll store them for you at no charge until you're ready to have them shipped internationally.

Is there a storage fee for temporarily storing packages at your warehouse while I wait for others to arrive for the purpose of consolidation for international shipping?

No. We'll let you store packages at our warehouse in China at no charge at all until you're ready to ship them internationally.

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