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Get our China Warehouse Address

Get your suppliers to have your goods sent to our warehouse in China and we'll consolidate and ship your goods internationally to you

Fill in your details below and we'll send you our Warehouse Address

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What happens next?

  • Our friendly Client Service Staff will contact you via email with our China Warehouse Address. Give this China Warehouse Address to each supplier you will be purchasing from (or if you'll be buying online, then use our Warehouse Address when checking out) and get them to have your goods sent to our China Warehouse Address.

  • Record the domestic shipment numbers from your suppliers for each domestic shipment they send to our warehouse on your behalf. Once you have the full list of domestic shipment numbers ready, do email the final list over to us at Meanwhile, our warehouse will automatically receive and store all domestic shipments sent to our warehouse by your suppliers, as we do for all our customers. 

  • After you send us the final list of domestic shipment numbers, we will use them to identify your goods at our warehouse and then consolidate and process them for international shipping. We will then get back to you by email for your international shipping details and let you know your international shipping options. 

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