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Importing Worldwide from China

CWELogistics manages the logistics of purchasing, warehousing and shipping internationally from China for you

All-In-One Service for Importing from China

Purchasing (if needed)
Purchasing Service from China - CNEbuys

We can purchase from the supplier on your behalf if needed. This is especially so if the suppliers is on sites like which is meant for suppliers to sell to local Chinese retailers and hence they're are not set up to take international payments. If however you have direct relationship with your supplier in China, then you can purchase directly from them and just use us to ship. If you require, we can also help communicate with Chinese suppliers on your behalf to help you overcome any language barriers.

Storage & Warehousing
Warehouse Storage in China - CNEbuys

All your purchases in China will be sent to our China-based warehouse first and from there we'll handle the international shipping to you. You can store your packages at our warehouse and wait for more packages from other suppliers to arrive before getting us to consolidate them all into a single international shipment to you. Read more about consolidation here. Or, you can store your packages at our warehouse and get us to dropship to your customers around the world whenever you receive an order. 

Repackaging and Labelling
Consolidating & Repackaging Service - CNEbuys

Whether you're purchasing in bulk and need us to repackage all the purchases into small individual packages for each of your customers around the world, or you're buying from many different suppliers and need us to consolidate all the packages into a single international shipment, contact us for our warehouse address and we'll handle it for you. We can also re-label your packages by adding your company logo, remove seller receipts if you require, before shipping internationally to you or your customers around the world.

International Shipping
International Shipping from China - CNEbuys

We offer international shipping to you or your customers in more than 200 countries worldwide. No invoices or receipts are required from your suppliers  (and if you need we can remove them for you), as we will prepare a commercial invoice for your international shipment which will be used for customs purposes.  For air courier shipments, the typical shipping time is just 3-5 business days. We will also give you the airway bill number for each shipment which you will be able to use to track your shipments all the way till delivery. For ocean shipments, we will prepare the Bill of Lading/Telex Release which you or your customers will be able to use to collect the goods from the port of delivery. 

Importing from China, Made Easy

China is the factory of the world. Millions of businesses are over the world are regularly importing from China. Annual exports from China are estimated to be over 2.3 trillion US dollars per year. About 50% of goods produced in the world are manufactured in China. The sheer variety of options, scaleability and cost-effectiveness of producing and purchasing goods from China makes it the number one choice for businesses all over the world. 

Yet importing from China can sometimes be tricky in the form of language barriers, payment barriers, logistical complexities, consolidating purchases from different manufacturers/suppliers from different parts of China and the need to find the most cost-effective way to ship internationally from China to maximize your profit margins. 

This is where CWELogistics comes in. We assist you with all aspects of importing from China - purchasing, warehousing, repackaging, invoicing, documentation, export customs clearance and most importantly, the international shipping from China itself. We offer shipping to more than 200 countries worldwide. We advice you on the most viable and cost effective way to ship - whether by air courier, air freight, or ocean freight (to port of destination or door-to-door service) - depending on the profile of your shipment. 

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Use as as your Warehouse Fulfillment Service

Enjoy our hassle free warehouse fulfillment service for businesses like yours from all over the world buying or trading made-in-China products in bulk for dropshipping to you or your customers all around the world, sending to Amazon FBA warehouses or shipping in bulk via air, train or sea. We store your packages at our warehouse at no charge and ship them out as and when you want us to. Repacking, labelling and consolidation services are so available. We don't charge for consolidation. This helps you maximize your profit margins and purchasing from China and selling to customers around the world or in your own country. Depending on the country being shipped to, we can ship via air courier, air cargo, e-packet, train cargo and ocean freight. 

Free Warehousing in China before International Shipping

Using our China-based warehouse to store your packages before shipping internationally helps customers importing from China in a variety of ways. For those purchasing and shipping in bulk, our free warehousing allows you to consolidate your purchases before shipping internationally, reducing your shipping costs. For those who are dropshipping or simply looking to ship to customers all over the world either all at once or as and when they receive an order, having a warehousing service in China ensures that you don't have to ship everything to a warehouse in your own home country first which would incur a much higher cost for your business since that would incur shipping, warehousing and import duty costs to your country. It makes far more business sense to keep your inventory in China first and only ship them out once orders have been finalized. Furthermore, CWELogistics does not charge for warehousing whereas if you were to use a warehousing service in your destination country/home country, you would incur extra costs. 

Enjoy Lower Inventory Risks and Costs

For your purchases from China, there may be situations where you have to write-off your inventory and dispose of outdated or old products, If your inventory is still in China which it will be when you use our warehousing service, then you will at least not have to write off any international freight or import duty costs - since the inventory written off would still be in China, no such costs would have been incurred. 

Communicating with Chinese Suppliers

Communicating with your Chinese supplier may sometimes be challenging due to language barriers and time zone differences. We can help you in this respect particularly when it comes to liaising with your supplier to have your goods sent over to our warehouse for storage and international shipping. Our bilingual service ensures that we able to communicate at native levels with both our customers from around the world and suppliers/manufacturers in China. 

Strategic location of Our Warehouses in China

Most suppliers and factories in China are located either in the southern or southeastern parts of China which is where our warehouses in Guangdong (Shenzhen and Guangzhou) and Shanghai are strategically located. While domestic shipping costs (if any) in China are very low any way, our proximity to the manufacturing and logistics hubs of China ensures maximium convenience for you and your suppliers when getting them to send your purchases to our warehouse to handle the storage, consolidation, repacking and international shipping, whatever your logistical needs may be. 

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