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Our rates for worldwide shipping from China

Estimated Shipping Rates


Below are our estimated international shipping rates for each country. All rates are quoted in US Dollars (although you can choose to pay in other major currencies as well in which case the costs will simply be converted). Note that the heavier the shipment, the lower the half kilo costs. Note also that the chargeable shipping weight is the higher of the physical and volumetric weight. Please be aware that the rates below are only estimates - shipping costs can vary according to the volume and category of items being shipped. Contact us at for more specific enquiries. 


All rates below represent the estimated cost of international shipping from our China warehouse to your doorstep all around the world via international air courier companies, primarily DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT. Shipments generally take anywhere between 2 to 4 business days. 


The international shipping rates quoted below are inclusive of fuel surcharge charged to us by DHL, FedEx and other courier companies. CNEbuys absorbs this fuel surcharge. They are also inclusive any related export handling and documentation fees. 

Sensitive Products


Also note that shipments of 'sensitive products' including but not limited to products such as liquids, food and wooden objects may require a different shipping routewhich is subject to a different set of international shipping rates. 

Bulk Shipments

For shipments with total physical weights of 21 kilograms or more, bulk discount rates may be available. Contact us at for more specific enquiries. 

Ocean Shipments/Train Shipments

If you're shipping very large quantities and are willing to accept a slower shipping speed, you can also ship via ocean or train. Contact us at for more details. 


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