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Buy from and ship internationally to your doorstep
Tell us what to buy by submitting your order to us - we'll buy & ship internationally to your doorstep

Unlock the door to buying & shipping internationally from

Shop Kongfz with CNEbuys
  1. Need a Buying Agent and Shipping Agent?

  2. Need help paying Kongfz stores and shipping internationally?

  3. Need help communicating with Kongfz stores?

  4. Buying from several stores (or other websites) and need to consolidate your purchases at our China-based warehouse before shipping internationally?

3 Easy Steps to Use us as your Agent

 1. Submit your Kongfz (or any other China website) order(s) to us and we'll make the purchase(s) for you

2. We'll get the Kongfz seller(s) to send your books and other purchases to our China warehouse address

3. Once all your Kongfz goods have arrived at our warehouse, we'll consolidate and ship together internationally to you 

How CWELogistics helps you as your Agent

We make payment on for you won't accept payment international payment methods but we do. Submit your order to us and we'll buy from Kongfz on your behalf. stores don't ship internationally, but we do. We're not only your buying agent, but your shipping agent too. We'll buy on Kongfz for you and have the store send your purchases to our China warehouse. From our China warehouse, we'll ship internationally to your doorstep in any country around the world!

We'll ship your Kongfz purchases internationally to your doorstep anywhere around the world
Option to consolidate your purchases from multiple Kongfz stores at our China warehouse before international shipping

If you're making purchases from multiple Kongfz stores or other China websites, it makes sense to have all your purchases consolidated into a single international shipment before international shipping. As your Agent, all that will be done by us for you at our China warehouse. Simply submit all your orders to us and we'll have them all sent to our warehouse to be consolidated for international shipping. This minimizes your international shipping costs and helps you enjoy even greater savings when you buy and ship internationally from


Furthermore you can have your purchases stored at our warehouse for free while waiting for your other Kongfz purchases to arrive at our warehouse to be consolidated for international shipping!

We'll communicate with stores and ask them questions for you

Do you have questions you would like to ask the store regarding a particular product? Or if you're buying in bulk, perhaps you need our help to negotiate with the store? Need to ask the store about product customizations? Unable to read and write in Mandarin? No worries at all.

As your Kongfz Agent, CNEbuys can handle all the communications with the store for you. Email all your queries to and we'll do all the enquiring with the stores for you. This doesn't just apply to of course, but to any China website that you may be buying from.

Don't shop blindly, use a Kongfz Agent!

Kongfz Agent - Buy from Kongfz via CNEbuys is the leading online platform in China for purchasing old and vintage books, magazines posters, DVDs. paintings and other souvenirs of cultural, historical or artistic significance. There are a ton of such items that you will find on Kongfz which you will not find on sites like Taobao, or Dangdang. Many of the items on sale on are only available in single quantities - or each seller of the specific item tends to only have a single quantity of the item available (although at times more than one seller may be selling that particular item) so if you have an item in mind, it would be best to order as soon as possible before it becomes out of stock. 

More about Kongfz

Shop Kongfz with CNEbuys

Founded in 2002, is one of the largest dedicated online bookstoes in China, serving as a platform for buying and selling new and second-hand Chinese books, many at heavily discounted prices. serves as a platform for both small business (B to C) and consumers (C to C) to sell their books to customers all over China. As of today on, there are over 40,000 bookstores and book-sellers selling over 70 million different books. Many academics around the world such as historians, linguists and anthropologists regularly use to buy books related to Chinese history, culture and language, among both Han Chinese and minority ethnic groups in China. 

Today, Kongfz has become a well established name for vintage book-lovers all over world and is even a top 10,000 website in the world in terms of monthly traffic according to Alexa.

For orders on Kongfz, after orders for books are submitted the seller will typically need to confirm the availability of the book before the buyer is required to make payment.



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