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About Mbaobao (麦包包)

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About Mbaobao (


As China's largest domestic online retailer of women's fashion bags, Mbaobao is always striving to provide its customers with "beautiful, high quality bags and a wonderful shopping experience". According to Mbaobao, its fashionable designs, excellent price-quality ratio and accurate market positioning has enabled Mbaobao to grow nearly tenfold in just a few short years to become the leader in the bags business, and was the first in the industry to develop a "fast" model, using "fast fashion," "fast marketing" and "fast logistics" to innovate and explore new e-commerce channels. Mbaobao divides its products on into different categories, such as according to customers' ages and styles. As a show of its commitment to meticulously producing high quality bags for the Chinese consumer market, Mbaobao even runs as science labaratory dedicated to researching and finetuning the production of high quality bags.


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