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About Paipai (拍拍)

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About Paipai


Launched in September 12, 2005, (拍拍 is an ecommerce business platform which operates as an eBay-like consumer-to-consumer marketplace. Paipai was set up by Tencent Inc., founder of QQ (Tencent's free instant massaging program)and WeChat (微信). Thanks to Tencent QQ's extremely large user base in China , Paipai has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular C2C platforms in China. In 2014, Paipai was bought over by and relaunched as's answer to Alibaba's Now with the backing of both and Tencent's WeChat, news pathways have been opened up for Paipai to achieve even bigger market share in China. Paipai is now one of the main online shopping platforms in China particularly for buying electronics. 

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