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Ship by Truck from China to Europe

CWELogistics can help you ship internationally from China to Europe by truck. Our trucking shipping channels from China to Europe come inclusive of customs clearance, customs taxes and duties (including VAT) and delivery all the way to your address in Europe. This way, you will not need to hire a customs broking agent in the EU and the entire shipment will be handled for you on a door to door basis. Once the shipment has arrived in Europe and cleared customs, FedEx, UPS, TNT or a local trucking company will handle the delivery to door for you. 


Currently, shipping by train is only available for shipments to most major European countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and more. 

Shipping by Truck from China to Europe

CWELogistics has access to truck shipping channels from China to Europe which are a great alternative to shipping by air or sea. Shipping by truck is a cost effective and faster alternative to shipping by sea freight since Europe is connected to China by land. 

Advantages of Shipping by Truck

Costs less than by shipping by air
Includes customs clearance and delivery all the way to your door
Usually faster than by shipping by sea

An advantage of shipping by train over shipping by air is that while it may be slower, it costs less to ship on a per kg basis. The heavier the shipment, the more cost effective it would be to ship by train instead of air. If delivery speed is not your primary concern, shipping by train may be a better choice than air. 

Shipping by train typically includes customs clearance and delivery all the way to your doorstep in your country (known as 'the last mile' delivery). This is unlike shipping by sea where you may sometimes need the help of a customs broker to clear customs (unless you have an import license). When shipping by train, the entire door to door delivery process is taken care of for you. 

While shipping by sea to European countries typically takes about 25-35 days, shipping by train to these same countries inclusive of delivery to door typically takes about 20-30 days. The railway transport itself takes about 14-18 days and the remaining time is for delivery to door once your shipment has arrived in Europe.

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