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About Tmall (天猫)

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About Tmall - What is Tmall? Can CWELogistics help me buy and ship internationally from Tmall? (天猫), which was formerly known as Taobao Mall, is a Chinese-language website for business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail, spun off from Taobao, operated and owned by Alibaba Group in China. Tmall serves as an open business-to-consumer (B2C) platform which enables businesses from both China and even around the world to reach out to China’s vast and growing consumer market. Over the years, Tmall has established itself as a prime destination for quality, brand-name products catering to an increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumer base. Today Tmall is the most visited B2C online retail website in China. While not quite as plentiful as Taobao, Tmall today consists of products from more than 70,000 major international and Chinese brands.​

Tmall is often seen as a more 'curated' version of Taobao. Unlike Taobao stores, Tmall stores are required to provide all formal company registraion documents to Alibaba in order to qualify to become a Tmall store. Furthermore, to qualify to list on Tmall, stores need to have been running on their own for at least 2 years and have annual sales revenue of over US$10 million. Tmall stores can therefore sometimes be perceived as being more reliable and providing higher quality assurance than Taobao stores. However, prices may in turn be slightly higher in Tmall than Taobao for the same product. Also, Tmall does not cover as wide a product and brand range as Taobao. While some see Taobao as being a C2C site, Tmall is recognized as a reliable B2C site, where stricter requirements are placed on sellers. In a sense Tmall is a like a higher end version of Taobao.

Whether you're buying and shipping internationally from a single Tmall store, multiple Tmall stores, a combination of Tmall and Taobao stores, or even a combination of Tmall and other China-based websites like, Dangdang, Meilishuo, Handu, Yougou and so on, CWELogistics can help you buy all your purchases, send them to our China-based warehouse, and have them all consolidated into a single international shipment to help minimize your international shipping costs. We offer international shipping to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

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CWELogistics helps you buy from and provides international shipping to your doorstep in more than 200 countries worldwide. Click here to see our shipping rates.

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