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About Yihaodian (1号店)

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About Yihaodian (


Yihaodian (simplified Chinese:1号店 ) is a Chinese online mega-supermarket selling a very diverse range of products. Yihaodian was founded by Gang Yu and Junling Liu on July 2008. One of  Yihaodian's primary features us that it was first and foremost business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce website that provides people with a platform to shop groceries online. Yihaodian even has “virtual stores” that exhibit images of stocked grocery shelves on walls and other surfaces in urban public areas in China, which passersby can scan codes under the images with a mobile device to purchase corresponding groceries online. However Yihaodian's  products are by no means limited to groceries. It sells all types of electronics, fashion apparel and accessories, underwear, books, toys and furniture, almost like a Chinese Walmart. In fact the retailing giant Walmart first invested in Yihaodian in 2011. In 2012, it announced additional investment such that Walmart controlled 51% of Yihaodian.  In July 2015, Walmart finally acquired 100% ownership of Yihaodian.

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