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International Shipping Service from China by Air, Sea or Train

We'll consolidate your Alibaba, Taobao & other factory/online purchases from China and ship worldwide to you.

China Warehousing + Global Shipping

Welcome to CWELogistics, your one-stop logistical solution to shipping internationally from China. At CWELogistics, we help businesses and individuals from all around the world ship goods internationally from China by air freight, sea freight and even by train (for shipments to Europe). We deal with shipments of all sizes involving all types of goods. Small shipments will be delivered by air all the way to your address in your country. As for large shipments, you can choose to ship by sea or train, either to a port near you or all the way to your address in your country. 

All goods will need to be sent to our warehouse in China first and from there we will store, consolidate and ship internationally to you or your customers around the world. 

CWELogistics - China Warehousing + Global Shipping

Alibaba Shipping Agent

Alibaba Shipping Agent

When purchasing from China-based factories and suppliers on Alibaba, they will normally ask you for your China shipping agent's warehouse address to send the goods to. You can simply give the CWELogistics Warehouse Address to them. Once the goods have arrived at our warehouse, we will have them processed for international shipping for you. Whether the factory you are buying from is listed on Alibaba or even other sourcing platforms like DHGate, MadeinChina or Lightinthebox, CWELogistics can act as your China shipping Agent, receiving your purchases in China for you and then shipping internationally to you. 

Consolidate Goods From Multiple Suppliers

Businesses and individuals buying from China are normally buying from multiple factories and suppliers at a time. However, it is expensive to ship goods from each individual factory/supplier separately because each individual shipment will come with its own separate base charge. CWELogistics enables you to minimize your shipping costs from China by enabling you to consolidate goods from multiple suppliers and shipping them altogether to you as a single international shipment. Simply get all your suppliers to have your goods sent to our Warehouse in China and we will then consolidate and ship together internationally to you as a single international shipment. 

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Enjoy Access to Worldwide Door to Door Shipping Channels

Door to Door Shipping from China to Many Countries

Door to door shipping is normally the most convenient and hassle-free way to ship internationally. It saves you the hassle of having to hire a customs broker or deal with customs clearance. With door to door shipping, you don't have to collect your goods from the port or hire a local delivery agent to collect and deliver for you. This is why door-to-door shipping is favored by businesses all over the world looking to import and ship goods internationally from China. 


Air courier shipments from China to all countries around the world are done on a door-to-door basis. However, normally, for larger shipments, you may wish to ship by air cargo freight, sea cargo freight or even rail cargo freight (for shipments to Europe), in order to enjoy lower shipping costs. Yet the tricky thing about shipping by air cargo, sea cargo or rail cargo is that you would normally need an import license and/or a customs broker in your destination country to assist you with customs clearance. Customs taxes and duties along with destination port fees would also be payable to customs once the shipment has arrived in your destination country, meaning you will not be able ascertain the fully landed costs prior to the shipment. 

CWELogistics enables customers around the world to overcome this problem by giving you exclusive access to door to door shipping channels to many countries even for air cargo, sea cargo and rail cargo shipments. These door to door shipping channels come inclusive of customs clearance, customs taxes & duties, destination port fees and delivery all the way to your final address. Door to door shipping saves you from the hassle of having to hire a customs broker and the uncertainty of wondering how much customs taxes & duties and destination port fees will cost. All these costs are included in our exclusive door to door shipping channels.


Note that fully landed door to door shipping costs are available for most major countries but not all countries. Feel free to check with our friendly client-services staff at regarding the best shipping options from China to your particular country. 

Enjoy Access to Channels for Shipping to Amazon FBA Warehouses Worldwide

Amazon FBA Warehouse

CWELogistics enjoys access to shipping channels from China to Amazon FBA warehouses around the globe. We ship to Amazon FBA warehouses in conjunction with our door-to-door shipping channels, meaning shipments will come inclusive of customs clearance, customs taxes & duties along with delivery all the way to the Amazon FBA warehouse. This means that you will not need to hire a customs broker or pay any duties/port fees in the destination country. The entire shipment will be taken care of for you on a door to door basis. Before shipping, we will also ensure that your packages conform to all of Amazon FBA's packing requirements and standards. If not, we'll repack them accordingly for you. 

Assisted Purchasing Service Option

Need us to buy from websites like Taobao,, Dangdang or Kongfz? Submit a Buy+Ship Order to us with the URLs of the products you would like us to buy for you. We'll purchase them for you, have the goods sent to our warehouse in China and then shipped internationally to you. 

Strategically Located Warehouses in Shenzhen & Guangzhou

Strategically Located Warehouses in Shenzhen & Guangzhou

The CWELogistics warehouses in China are strategically located in the Logistics zones of Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong Province, which accounts for a huge percentage of exports from China. Being located in the logistics hubs of the Greater Bay Area, CWELogistics is located nearby a huge percentage of factories and suppliers and enjoys access to a wide range of shipping channels via Shenzhen, Guangzhou and even Hong Kong. This means that no matter the size of your shipment, the type of goods you're shipping and the country you're looking to ship to, CWELogistics will be able to access the shipping channels that best fits your logistical needs. 

Complementary Services at the CWELogistics China Warehouse

Free Storage

Store your goods at our Warehouse as you wait for goods from your other suppliers to arrive. Once everything has arrived we'll consolidate and ship internationally to you

Free Consolidation

We'll consolidate goods from multiple factories/suppliers into a single international shipment to minimize international shipping costs

Free Repacking

We'll replace old, low quality packages with new secure ones and pack your goods to optimizes space utilization, minimizing shipping costs

Global Shipping from China, Made Easy

China Warehousing + International Shipping from China to more than 200 countries worldwide by air, sea or train

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