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About (孔夫子旧书网)

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About Kongfz (


Founded in 2002, is one of the largest dedicated online bookstores in China, serving as a platform for buying and selling new and second-hand Chinese books, many at heavily discounted prices. serves as a platform for both small business (B to C) and consumers (C to C) to sell their books to customers all over China. As of today on, there are over 40,000 bookstores and book-sellers selling over 70 million different books. Many academics around the world such as historians, linguists and anthropologists regularly use to buy books related to Chinese history, culture and language, among both Han Chinese and minority ethnic groups in China. 

Today, Kongfz has become a well established name for vintage book-lovers all over world and is even a top 10,000 website in the world in terms of monthly traffic according to Alexa.

For orders on Kongfz, after orders for books are submitted the seller will typically need to confirm the availability of the book before the buyer is required to make payment.

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